White on White Fruit

What would happen if Georgia O’Keef, Andy Warhol and Gallagher had an art-lovechild? A rad photo shoot involving some sexual white fruit getting smashed!

For my White on White Fruit shoot, I was originally inspired by Enrico Becker’s series, GMF Fruits. I loved the strange juxtaposition of oddly-colored fruit against pastel backgrounds. It made me squeamish and uneasy, so of course, I wanted to emulate it!

The happy accident was that I didn’t have many options for background colors, and trying to do it in post turned out to be a nightmare and looked very artificial. On top of that, I ran out of time so I decided to go with just the primer, leaving me with some very surreal white fruit. What came out of it was a really rad mashup of Georgia O’Keef, Andy Warhol and a little Galagher.

The first step was picking out the fruit, I went to my local grocer and picked out the weirdest shaped fruit I could find. In hindsight, I should have went to a specialty store for more exotics fruit like a horned melon, rambutan or dragonfruit. Can you imagine what a pomegranate would look like with the seeds spilling out onto the stark white? #regrets 

I painted them the night before so they wouldn’t stick together when I packed them for the studio.


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What kinds of fruit would you have used? Have you done a similar shoot? Show me your melons in the comment section down yonder  

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