DIY Baby Mobile for the Boho Desert Nursery

For my boho desert-inspired nursery, I wanted to make my own DIY baby mobile. Many of the accent pieces in the nursery are hand-crafted by me, and I knew having a unique DIY baby mobile would be the cherry on top. Everything I did was hand-sewn, but I am sure this DIY baby mobile could be done much quicker with a machine!

Boho Desert DIY Baby Mobile: Supplies


Boho Desert DIY Baby Mobile: How-to


  1. Cut out the shapes of the PDF
  2. Trace with the sharpie or chalk onto the felt, feel free to choose how many stars you want!
    1. TIP: After tracing once, flip the printed piece, so you get reverses on the same side of the felt.
    2. You will need two sets of legs for the wolf.
  3. Cut the felt pieces out
  4. For the small cactus, sew and stuff the little red flowers together first, and then attach it to the top of the small cactus.ROQ_5169
  5. For the cacti, I used a lighter green or white floss to make the needles. I didn’t have any rhyme or reason to the placement, I think the more random they looked the more natural they look.ROQ_5191
  6. For the coyote, I sewed and stuffed the two legs and tail first, then sewed it to the body of the coyote. Before sewing up the coyote, I also drew a little set of eyes on each side, and sewed it as a line with black thread.
  7. For the cloud, attach the completed coyote to the top felt piece by the bottom middle body and front foot. Cut a slit into the cloud, next to the coyote, and then sew the completed small cactus (this will make the coyote look like its on top of the cloud, and the cactus is growing out of the cloud).
  8. Sew the rest of the felt pieces together, but make sure to leave a hole left to insert stuffing.
  9. Insert stuffing with your chopstick or stuffing tool, then sew up the hole.ROQ_5197
  10. Attach the baby mobile to something sturdy so you can properly figure out balance.
  11. Once you have all your felt pieces together, using your fishing line or strong thread, sew a small white star to the moon with an inch of thread between. Pick up your coyote/cloud, and figure out the center point, for me it was on the coyote’s neck. Sew the coyote/cloud to the moon with about three or four inches of thread in between. Sewing a thread from the moon, attach it to the center hook of the DIY baby mobile.
  12. Depending on how many stars you chose to make, all that is left is hanging up the rest of your felt pieces! I balanced one arm with the smaller cacti plus a star with the bigger cacti. The other arm, I hung a large star on one side and two smaller stars on the other side.ROQ_5206
  13. Hang your beautiful desert DIY baby mobile from either the crib or a hook above the crib, and revel in your crafty glory!!



DIY Baby Mobile for the Boho Desert Chic Nursery from Aspect Creatio
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  1. When I printed the patterns they were huge. The cloud pattern covers an entire page. What is the measurement of your cloud? Any suggestions?


    1. Hi! The cloud is large, if you were printing the pattern on a normal 8.5×10 page, it should take up most of the page. Once you sew it together, with the seams trimmed and everything stuffed, it won’t seem as large because the stuffing will make it less flat. I hope you share it when you’re done, I would love to see it completed!


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