CrossFit-worthy Wrist Straps Tutorial

Wrists straining from being boss at the gym? Feeling crafty? ‘Better make some straps to keep those wrists strait! This is what you will need to make your own custom made super nifty wrist straps:

  • a sewing machine (or a lot of time and skill for hand sewing) + thread
  • a half yard of the coolest fabric you can find
  • 1 yard of shoelace-like rope (found in the ribbon section of most fabric/craft stores)
  • bonus recommended Boss Betty¬†necessities¬†for a frustration-free craft experience:
    • a cocktail
    • Bridesmaids playing in background
    • your best crafty friend

Got all your supplies? Let’s get started!

  1. Get your cocktail(s) ready
  2. Gather supplies
  3. Spread fabric out on floor flat
  4. Fold in half
  5. Cut at the fold (leaving you with two, 6 inch high folded pieces of long fabric)
  6. Iron both flat
  7. Get your sewing machine ready
  8. Sew, inside out (pattern side in), the open side and one bottom, leaving about three inches at the top
  9. Cut the extra fabric on the two sewn sides
  10. Turn the fabric right-side out
  11. Iron flat
  12. Form a triangle (like those paper fortune tellers from grade school) and insert the rope/tie)
  13. Sew the rope/tie into the fabric
  14. Tada! One wrap complete, repeat the previous steps!
  15. Once you have both, strike your best Wonder Woman pose and go out into the world and pick up something heavy!

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