BitchCraft : A Goth Photo Shoot Inspired by The Craft

Inspired by my favorite teenage movie of the 90’s, The Craft, with some AHS:Coven realness, this shoot is my ode to all the goth/grunge fabness of the 90’s.

Back in the studio again with my favorite shooting partner, Rachel Alexandria, I decided to make an attempt at a gothic beauty shoot. Growing up a kid in the 90’s, a slumber party just wasn’t official until somebody showed up with a VHS copy of The Craft wrapped in the Blockbuster blue and white plastic case, a perfectly preserved time capsule of 1992. The Craft is an angsty teenage girl drama with killer grunge/goth fashion and lots of creepy scenes to fuel our nightmares. Because of the craft, I had a lot of close calls on my mom’s wood floors involving candles from the many seances we held at my house growing up. The Craft also gave me a lot of courage with fashion, and taught me that nobody likes a crazy girl.

The styling for the shoot was fairly simple: gold jewelry, strong brows, pale skin, dark lips and black clothing. Makeup was provided the lovely Shelby, she totally nailed the porcelain doll look I wanted. We mostly stayed in front of a white seamless, but one of my favorite shots came from laying on a red blanket on the ground shooting down.

Do you have any shows or movies from the 90’s that still influence you today? Shout ’em out below!

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