About Rocky and Aspect Creatio

Rocky BeckWell, hello there! My name is Roquelle, but most people just call me Rocky.

I’m a designer/developer/marketer by day at an awesome place called younity in sunny Encinitas, CA. By night I yoga my ass off and lift heavy sh*t. My weekends I try to spend as much time outdoors and away from screens, other than the monitor on my camera of course.

I started Aspect Creatio to share my photography and tips I’ve learned, provide tutorials for getting crafty, and my experiences exploring the great wondrous outdoors. This year I am focused on visiting as many National Parks as I can and understanding more about light to better my photo obsession.

I am a native Angeleno, spent my formative years in the bootheel of Missouri (thus my obsession with the STL Cards, and now reside near Dallas. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, during my career I worked on MH-60 helicopters and never spent any time overseas. I’m not a salty sailor because I never stepped foot on a ship, but I sure do cuss like one!

While in the Navy, I met my now-husband Ray. He proposed shortly after I got out, and we decided to change our lives for the better. While engaged we together lost nearly 150 pounds, and every day we try to make better choices. We decided pay more attention to each other than our phones, spending our time making real memories and focusing our money on travel and experiences. Our dream is to someday have a plot of land with a tiny house and maybe a couple kids. We haven’t quite figured out yet how to live tiny with a big family, but we’re working on it!